Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Week Of Crochet And.... Caterpillars

Hello Lovelies!
How are you all doing?
I'm doing great and just wanted to pop by and say a quick "HELLO". :-)
The sun is out and shining here in Stuttgart, that certainly lifts my spirit!
Over the past week or so I've been full of creativity and have had a rather sudden burst of enthusiasm when it came to my project making.
Last week I decided to start working on another spiral cushion (Pattern here) and loved how quickly I managed to get this beauty together. It took me a couple of afternoons to make and really quenched my desire for a quick, no fuss project.

Of course I had a little photo session once it was finished. Here it is joined up with my other spiral cushion looking rather comfortable together as a set of matching cushions.

Rehearsals have calmed down at work and so having a few extra hours of free time is splendid. 
Of course I fill my extra time with my crafting, but also love to potter around on the balcony at home. 
I love going out onto the balcony and checking the progress of the plants and flowers I have planted. 
The other day I was rather surprised to see that something had been munching the leaves of my Clematis. We're not talking a little nibble, but more of a banquet!

After some close inspection I found this rather jolly fella lurking under one of the leaves. He looked rather content and his belly must definitely be full (judging by the state of my plants). 
He's rather cute and so I'm going to let him continue to munch on my plants. I'll keep track of him and have a look every now and then to see how he's coming along. I wonder what he's going to transform into? I hope a rather magnificent and colourful butterfly! 

In other crafting news.... I've been writing up a tutorial for Granny Squares!!
I know there are lots of patterns and tutorials online for the basic square, but I've also had a lot of requests and so thought I'd take a few snaps and jot down the pattern that I like to use. It'll be with you in the next days, for those of you that want it as a handy reference. 

As well as the granny square tutorial, I've started working on another granny square blanket.

I'm enjoying it tremendously, there is something rather soothing about working on hundreds of little squares.

It's going to be a blanket for my Nan, as a gift for Christmas.

I'm making a granny square blanket for my Granny!!! I find that kind of funny and a little ironic!
I'll keep you updated on my progress and share my little variation of the pattern once it's developed a little further!

I do hope you are all having a lovely week!?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ribbon Picture

Hello Lovelies!
I do hope you are all having a fantastic week?
I'm back into work mode but still feeling nicely refreshed and motivated from my holiday. I'm try to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible :-)

This morning before I made my way into work I had a spare hour so I thought I'd have a little bit of crafty time and make a mess at home.

Just a simple little project of filling up a blank picture frame that was sat in my bedroom. I was inspired to finally do something with it as I was lying in bed staring at it, all blank and unused.

As soon as I got myself out of bed I made myself a smooth milky coffee and pulled out the crafting supplies. As I was sifting through my boxes finding my crafting essentials, I realised it has been a long time since I've done this. Sure I've been crocheting lots, but getting the scissors, glue and having the buzz of making something spontaneous hasn't been my approach over the past months. I realised I'd missed doing this, I missed the mess I always make and quite simply I felt as happy as a pig in the mud! :-)
Anyway enough about my feelings (Sorry... I was having a Bridget Jones moment) Back to my project!

I was hoping to keep a neutral feel to my picture, so I raided my ribbon collection to find the brown and beige ribbons that were lurking amongst the bright and bold colours.

Armed with my sketch pad (I decided to use this as the paper is thicker, more like cardboard), scissors and glue I started cutting strips of ribbon.

I arranged my strips of ribbon onto the cardboard to make sure I was happy with the combination and arrangement.

Once I was happy with how things were looking,  I glued my ribbon onto the cardboard. I used crafting glue (PVA glue), but a glue stick would also work just fine. 

With the help of my laptop I found myself a picture of a heart and printed it out onto a piece of paper. (Drawing a shape by hand would also be a great option!)

I cut out the heart as carefully and as neatly as I could.

I thought whilst I was at it,  I would try some other shapes and also decided to print and cut out a nice big star.

I placed my cut-out/ stencil over the top of my ribbon picture and suddenly I had a rather neat looking ribbon silhouette, ready to pop into my blank frame. 

An easy make! That took me all of 15 minutes, but brought me great satisfaction. 
The picture looks perfectly at home in my bedroom tucked away on the drawers.
What I like is that I can change the cut-out/ stencil whenever I feel and it will look like a totally different picture. I wonder what other shapes I'll come up with? maybe I'll get a little more inventive next time! 

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!